Dating a deaf girl

07-May-2019 14:35

During Tuesday's quarter-final, she sang one of her compositions, as she did during her original audition.

The audience proved it was just as in awe of her talents as the judges, as Mandy gathered enough votes to become a semi-finalist in the competition.

But the singer, who lives in Orlando, Florida, once thought she would never get to sing in front of an audience again.

As a teenager, Mandy developed a connective tissue disorder, which affected her nerves.

I grew up playing guitar with my dad, and he and my mom encouraged me to start again,' she added.

Learning American Sign Language (ASL) also played a part in making her feel more confident.

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Mandy Harvey, who is now 29, has wowed the show's audiences at every step of the competition thus far, with her latest performance landing her a coveted spot as a semi-finalist.

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