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Much of western Tennessee was a historic sea bottom and, as a result, marine fossils are common.

Limestone is widespread throughout Tennessee and the state has numerous caves and caverns.

Whether you go to the Starlite, Sky Vue Twin, or the pun-tastic Field of Scenes, the drive-in will give you a few hours of uncomplicated, buffering-free entertainment, so why not?

Eastern Tennessee (like western North Carolina) is home to ancient mountains and associated mineral and gemstone deposits.

Ordinarily, states with significant mineral deposits, valuable gemstones, fossils, or unusual or significant rock occurrences will designate an official state mineral, rock/stone, gemstone, fossil, or dinosaur to promote interest in the state’s natural resources, history, tourism, etc.

Accordingly, such state symbols often are a valuable clue as to potential worthwhile rockhounding opportunities.

Ptero shells of are preserved unaltered in great abundance.Tennessee designated calcium carbonate, commonly known as limestone, as its official state rock in 1979.