Consolidating private law school loans

05-Dec-2019 03:42

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Private student loans and federal student loans have separate consolidation procedures.By separating and being aware of which kinds of loans you have, you will be able to identify what your consolidation options are.Laurel Road boasts an average savings of ,000 for their borrowers over the term of the loan.

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They offer both a variable (as low as 2.74% APR) or a fixed (3.15% APR) rate.

Student loan refinancing is a similar concept to student loan consolidation except that it is done through a private lender.

This is a better decision for borrowers who are generating more income than when they started college.

The total amount of student loan debt in America rises by 3000 dollars every second.

Many former college students are uninformed about how to or are unable to pay back their debt.

You will also be able to apply for Income-Driven Repayment, which you cannot get from most private lenders.