Consolidating finances when marrying

14-Apr-2019 23:15

Worse still for Mrs Grey was that her former husband had also discovered that she was pregnant.

His legal team ambushed her with this revelation during cross-examination in court.

In my previous post I set the scene in a hotly disputed area of law: maintenance payments and the ex-husband who resents paying after his former partner begins living with another man.

The Court of Appeal has issued a judgement (Grey v Grey (2009EWCA Civ1424)) that should help to resolve this grey area, even though it will mean wives who choose to cohabit could stand to lose their maintenance.

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They may now be faced with very tough choices post-divorce: do they live with someone, or keep their maintenance?

The risk of starting a new, post-divorce relationship is no longer restricted to emotions.

Now an ex-wife must also take into account the possible financial impact of cohabiting with a new partner.

Marriages end – it’s a sad fact of life – but let’s have a legal system which, as far as is possible, allows them to move on and be free of each other, not to be chained together indefinitely by maintenance.

Apologists for wives usually come out with the old mantra: “What about wives who have given up careers to look after the children?

There is clearly a greater risk now for those women who wish to cohabit, as they stand to lose their valuable, tax-free maintenance payments.