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As her business began to grow, she started receiving emails from other (women who wear the hijab), who shared their individual experiences of judgment or hate, and who expressed concerns about not being able to get jobs due to their appearance. So in 2011, she began crafting a way for non-Muslim women to get a taste of what it was actually like to wear the hijab.She designated a day where women around the world were invited to cover up and experience it for themselves.She also has goals that go far beyond sales numbers: A portion of every sale is donated to a local Muslim organization. “With the support of everyone, I helped the mosque from going into foreclosure.” She shrugs off this noble gesture with, “You don’t lose anything by giving away.” Accompanying the available merchandise on her website, she added a section on hijab education, with articles entitled “Fashion vs. cases, in 2010 a Muslim girl named Hani Khan was fired from a Hollister clothing store in San Mateo, Calif., for refusing to remove her hijab while working. have reported losing their jobs over the hijab, and in some countries it is banned in the workplace, schools or government offices.Modesty,” “We Are Not Submissive to Men” and “Health Benefits of the Hijab,” which discusses protection from harmful UV rays that could lead to cancer, heat exposure, protection from cold weather conditions and covering hair for hygienic purposes. A judge recently found the company guilty of workplace discrimination. Khan felt she needed to do something else to help support these women.After graduating from City College, where she studied biology and pre-med, Khan decided to go a different route with her career.

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She had 11,000 Facebook participants from sixty-seven countries.The room is filled, primarily with Muslim students, and many wear the hijab. The students, many immigrants themselves, have all experienced the same judgmental stares and hurtful comments.There is shared pain, but also a shared sense of pride.“I took it off for one day; I felt naked.” It was going without wearing it for that single day that she realized she truly wanted to wear the hijab. It makes me feel peace at heart knowing that I’m obeying the command of my creator.

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In my opinion, peace can be only found in obeying the commands of the one who created me.” Ultimately her sister also returned to the hijab of her own accord.

Her ordeal peaked when she began her studies at City College of New York after 9/11.