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It’s also a shift of identity that comes with crafting a new life in America and deciding what to let go of and what to hold onto. We’ve got to move forward,” said Nick Sinanovic, who came here at age 17 in 1999 and now runs Vega Transport with his brother, Irfan.The brothers reflect the success many Bosnians have found in St.He continues to help Bosnians and other immigrants find their way.The move from the urban core is more than a physical migration.

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There was, however, discrimination against non Muslim minorities, and there were financial and political advantages to converting to Islam, which led to the formation of most Muslim populations in the Balkans.In the process, the Bosnian footprint on the region has expanded to south St. Affton, Bayless, Hancock Place and Mehlville schools have seen their international student population jump and bolster sagging enrollments and soccer programs.A new Bosnian business strip has emerged along Lemay Ferry Road.The languages are mutually intelligible and many literary figures span the narrow national divisions of today.

t Cafe Milano, next door to the Bosnian Chamber of Commerce near the iconic Bevo Mill, young men sit at the bar midday drinking coffee, smoking and joking with the pretty bartender. Bevo Mill, in other words, has all the cultural texture of an ethnic neighborhood, serving as the most visible face of what is now among the largest Bosnian populations outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Defining the word Bosnian is not easy because its meaning has changed over time. That is, a Bosnian was simply someone who lived in the region known as Bosnia. This region had a distinctive culture and a dialect of the Serbo-Croatian language that were shared by the various national groups living there.