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03-Dec-2019 02:48

Yet, I still do not get the same attention or affirmation from white women as I see them give toward black men. It makes me feel that these women are denouncing their heritage.

That these women are ashamed of their race, the same race and culture handed down from their grandfathers, fathers, to brothers and cousins. Why is the media perpetuating sexualized racism and white supremacy?

Black females also dislike black males veneturing outside of the black community, and don’t want these biracial girls (yellow/brown-skinned) included with them.

I’ve talked to a lot of women from diverse backgrounds, and most of them found different stripes of white European men to be the most attractive (e.g.

Interracial marriages have a much higher rate of break down.French, Italian), closely followed by a variety of Asian ethnicities.It’s kind of high-status for them to a have a light-skinned daughter in an arranged marriage, and one can’t have a bright girl with a black-skinned male despite stereotypes (a Middle Eastern woman once mentioned this to me).It’s transgressive and exciting and gets attention. It’s not white supremacy so much as the supremacy of those who benefit materially from uninhibited desire and are relentlessly selling it because it’s good for business.

It’s the supremacy of money over all human connections, the supremacy of body over soul. writes: I have a question about something that really bothers me and makes me feel very threatened and ashamed.

Leaving Certificate results etc.) Also information on Colleges that cater for students from abroad. Leah Mc Cormack Sir/madam I am 29 yrs old I have done my BSc electronics graduation, diploma in computers, diploma in clinical neurophysiology technology (DCNT) at National Insitute of Mental Health and Neurosciences where i do recording of EEG, EP, ENMG, EEG and also urodynamic studies.… continue reading »

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The shame factor would also make it more difficult to investigate extortion activities, since victims are more likely to prefer to pay for silence and sweep these details under the rug than report it to the authorities. … continue reading »

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Especially if she knows that an email will incite another email from you, asking for an explanation or another chance. You’d have a few thousand women who read this blog that would nod their heads and go back to deleting the tons of email they receive. What I find more productive, Anthony, is telling you that THIS IS THE WAY IT IS. … continue reading »

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