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25-Jul-2019 10:04

One of the major requirements for archaeomagnetic dating is therefore to obtain more observations from well-dated archaeological sites.

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That is, of course, identical within the limits of the technique.

Archaeological materials provide an irreplaceable record of the direction and intensity of the Earth's magnetic field in the past, using archaeomagnetic studies.

At present, such records within Europe are irregular in both space and time.

However, these can be quite precise and are independent of the actual age.

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For example, Minoan destruction sites (LMIB) in central Crete have identical directions and ancient intensities as the ‘Minoan’ ash levels on Santorini, 120 km to the North, enabling the synchroneity of the events to be established within some 10-20 years some 3 500 years ago. The project started in September 2002 and will run for 4 years.