Advice dating need paraplegic woman

30-May-2019 18:25

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A black man dating white women will encounter far more adventure seeking or rebellious adult children acting out than truly color blind individuals. It was a surprise to find that many white blind women would date every single race of man except black men and they were very clear about that single exception. The last time I was a free agent was about seven years ago. I know maybe people believe people with disabilities (particularly those in wheelchairs) do not believe we can have sex. I have also run across some who think a person who uses a wheelchair will take anyone who comes along because they are desperate.

Someone with a mobility impairment that for whatever reason wants to date able bodied people or people with only vision or hearing impairments will have a much, much harder time of it than otherwise.

I personally don't want to date people with a physical disability the same or similar to mine. My own vision is far, far below the 20/20 standard.