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11-Aug-2019 08:07

She and Matt were visiting some of his old college friends in Seattle whom she had never met. But that wasn't what was on her mind that chilly day in October.She couldn't divert her eyes from his reflection in the mirror.Nothing made her hornier than to see Matt stroking himself.The black lacy legs of her panties rode up and accentuated her round, firm ass.Matt had always been an ass man, but Sofia's ass was exquisite.

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It showed off her well defined figure beautifully and moved sensually as she walked. "You know it drives me crazy to watch you stroking your cock. But your adoring fraternity brothers are waiting for you and probably already think that you aren't going to show up." And she bent down and licked the smooth firm tip of his cock, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum.They had come back to Seattle for homecoming at the University of Washington and the 30th Reunion of Matt's fraternity pledge class.