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There are five conflict management styles:1) Avoiding2) Forcing3) Accommodating4) Compromising5) Collaborating–––~~~••• O •••~~~–––Conflict Management Styles: “Avoiding”Avoiding is when you prefer not to look at the issue, when you evade it, or when you delay it.Avoiding is when you decide that “staying away from the conflict” is the best route to take.–––~~~••• O •••~~~–––Conflict Management Styles: “Compromising”Compromising is when you negotiate – with the other party – an appropriate understanding for both parties involved in the conflict.It is when you trade something that you want for something that the other party also wants.The style has its place in certain situations where decisiveness is necessary.Others may find the style off-putting, and when an individual uses this style too often, the result may be a lack of cooperation or feedback from others, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Collaboration Toolbox.It is when the result of the conflict fulfills the expectations of both parties in a positive way.

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The compromising style of conflict resolution is cooperative and assertive at the same time.My Privacy Policy: Skills2Lead™ recognizes your right to protection of all personal information you share with me – I adhere to a strict Privacy Policy – I will never sell, lease, share, lend, or give away the information you provide to me to anyone for any purpose ever. The way that individuals handle conflict in business or personal relationships is their conflict style.If both parties involved in the conflict avoid the conflict, this is said to be a 0/0 – meaning – none of the parties involved in the conflict wins anything.

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–––~~~••• O •••~~~–––Conflict Management Styles: “Forcing”Forcing is when you impose your opinion, point of view, decision, etc., on the other party involved in the conflict.This style of conflict resolution tends to avoid conflicts altogether, as the name implies.

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